How to start web hosting business without the technical knowledge

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Starting a web hosting business today is easier than you think. It is a matter of having a computer and a way of getting clients to host. There are two models, one of which I will explain in this article. If you have been surfing the web looking for a very cheaper and straightforward way of starting your own business with little money, this article is for you.

For one to start web hosting business you need to be either a web hosting reseller or simply obtain a dedicated server or a VPS and a cPanel license or any other popular control panel. If you are not technical, or probably you have little money forget about owning your own server. I, too will not dwell much on the VPS-Dedicated Server path to establishing your business. Honestly things may go as you may never expected if you purchase a server without the necessary knowledge that it requires. When you are a web hosting reseller, everything is done for you by the hosting provider. Some even provide support for both you and your customers. Here at Marmasco, we do exactly that.


Getting a Web Hosting Reseller Account

Now you need to compare all providers you would like to work with and compare their service models. Marmasco runs Reseller hosting on a pay as you go bases. There are dozens more who use this model to offer the service. What will need to be ascertained before you signup is the model of support which they provide. There is no point in choosing a provider who will make your life harder when you need to assist your clients. Although the cost of pay as you go may look higher when you grow bigger, it is the best model to start with. I will compare this model with its counterpart lat6er in this article to give you a better incite.

You can also become a web hosting reseller by obtaining a reseller account at a fixed fee. This maybe be a hard way to start considering that you will pay fees even if you have not made any new business to cater for the cost. When we started Marmasco, I Googled for ‘Free reseller hosting’ simply to make sure I will be paying for what I have used. Although the cost will be really little when you grow, it is a risk kind of business when you fail to pay the hosting fees and get suspended.

What is involved in Reseller Hosting?

Nothing really is special in this business. You do not need to be a server admin. No worries about server security. When it gets too technical, your host will be there for you if they have such support service. It is most interesting to know that most of the hosts you know are just resellers just as you want to become. Most control panel like cPanel allows resellers to rebrand the control panel



You have heard enough about reselling. Choose between a fixed amount or a pay as you go model. If you have little money to start with, y6ou may be wise to choose the later. That will allow you to grow, and later move to a fixed amount when you have enough money to pay the fees. Marmasco can help you to start your business in a few clicks. You can start by reviewing our offer on Reseller Hosting.

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