Terms and Conditions - Marmasco

Business Terms and Conditions for M Maregedze PBC (Marmasco)

Web Hosting (Shared Hosting)

M Maregedze Private Business Corporations ( Marmasco) provides shared hosting to small and medium enterprises. By signing up to this service you are deemed to have agreed to the following agreement:

  • You will not use our service for spamming.
  • You or your company will not run malicious scripts in our servers.
  • You will not use our servers for storage of huge files (Unlimited packages have a fair usage policy in which you are not allowed to exceed 10GB of server disk.)
  • You have the permission to publish the content you are hosting.
  • You must never use nulled scripts under any circumstances.

Marmasco will reserve the right to terminate your service at no compensation when the above terms are not intentionally observed, a condition which may be reached with our sole discretion. We will suspend the service if any of the following happens, this while pending permanent deletion after 45 days:

  • if payment is overdue for 7 days.
  • a suspicious activity has been detected on your account pending investigation.
  • if your website is running scripts or script that is slowing down the server.